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Product Design | Lean UXResearch Analysis RecommendationsUX BX CX - IA+UI DesignMobile Web, Responsive Web, Native Proof of Concepts,Usability, Viability, MVP'sAGILE Development + ProductionImplementation, Support, TrainingDrupal Solutions Architecture

when you are working on design, remember a simple formula, that "form follows function". Typography, colours form the basis of good UI's
Endarr Ramdin
I think design covers so much more than the aesthetic. Design is fundamentally more. Design is usability. It is Information Architecture. It is Accessibility. This is all design.
Mark Boulton
Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
Francis of Assisi
Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works.
Steve Jobs
I think it's really important to design things with a kind of personality.
Marc Newson
You can fix it now on the drafting board with an eraser or you can fix it later on the construction site with a sledge hammer.
Frank Lloyd Wright

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Working with NGO’s, Greenfield projects, start-up’s, charity and multi-sized companies, like: -

Educational Apps E-commerce Financial Apps CMS, CRM Apps Social Platforms Apps Recruitment Apps Game / Toy Software Apps Schools Charities Manufacturing Entertainment Music, Film Agency, Brand, Advertising Marketing Insurance

Product + Lean UX Design

Producing MVP’s from PoC’s and PLM from idea / conception to implementation and support. Managing stakeholder expectations (investment, viability) through presentations using PoC’s, prototypes and documentation to support product development.

UX Research, Interaction Design

Brand and Product User Research, Analysis and recommendations User Persona development, Market Analysis, Group Characterizations, Heuristic Analysis, Big Data analysis, User flows and Journey’s, Story boarding, Hi-fi mock-ups, A/B testing, UI Layout, Eye tracking data analysis, heat maps (Google),

Business Analysis

Business problem assessments, discovery of requirements, business objectives and guidelines from meetings with stake holders, interviews, examinations of roadmaps, production strategy

Information Architecture

Data classification, Taxonomy, schemas, structures: Linking, labelling, categorising, sitemaps card sorting workshops, personas story boarding, flows, diagrams, mind mapping, copy writing and content creation requirements, SEO Search Engine Optimisation, Google analytics / bounce statistics – user page tracking tools, KPI’s, A / B testing, user model testing


Smartphone, Phablets, Tablets, Laptop, Desktop, till printers, POS’s, TV

UI Design

Animated, stills, storyboarding, concepts (PoC’s), demo’s, A/B testing | Adverts | Info Banners | CTA’s , Navigation, menus, Typography, Icons, buttons, Big Data Content Visualisations, Charts, Graphs, infographics, Forms, HTML Mail Campaigns, PSD templates

Static and Dynamic sites, Single page or brochure Apps

Drupal CMS Solutions Architecture SaaS API

AGILE production and deployment with continuous integration CI

We provide research, evaluations and recommendations to give your business a strong footing, as a well produced sofware application. Our projects are colloborative and implemented in the Cloud.

The Drupal Community and Developers provide many integrated API's that allow functionality of Drupal to expand or connect easily with Business Applications, for example, E-Commerce, CivicCRM, ERP, XERO, to list just a few.

Design Methodology Practices

HCI | Product Design ergonomics, anthropometrics | Lean UX | Holistic | Heuristic – visibility of system status, match between system and real world user control and freedom, consistency and standards, error prevention, recognition rather than recall, flexibility and efficiency of use, aesthetic and minimalist design, helps users recognise, diagnose and recover errors, help tuition and documentation | Gestalt principles of perception – closure, figure-ground relationship, Gestalt psychology, good continuation, pattern perception, perceptual hypothesis, principle of closure, proximity, similarity | Colour psychology | AGILE – production | Drupal best practices | Development best practices

Development Tools Like

As a CMS (content managed solution), Drupal's Design is configured through its Administration Layer to build and implement your solution, both "back-end" and "front-end" mobile web, desktop / tv, native IO's, ready for the Identity, Branded UI Design to be applied or in Drupal semantics, the "Theme" or "Theme Layer".

We use Drupal configuration administration UI and Drupal's API hook solution when programming Drupal, so that the code is clean and maintainable between Drupal developers and supporting Drupal's best practices.

Technology Development Stack

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, SASS,

About CMS and Drupal

We use Drupal CMS Frameworks and Architecture, delivering the quality and assurance to the client, which is provided with Drupal and Drupal's very strong development community.

Drupal can be integrated to all aspects of your business adding full scalabilty and adding further functions such as social community, CRM continous relationship management, warehouse and package tracking solutions or any other busniess application that needs one universal component that is busniess user friendly and you get with Drupal UI Drupal is the backbone or foundation. Its a very solid one.


If you have an old CMS, a legacy solution, thats perhaps integrated into other business logic / applications, we are able to assist. We can migrate your data to Drupal CMS together with any existing data.

Drupal Best Practices

When coding custom modules and themes all developed code is tested within a development environment, using Version Control or GIT and deployed using Continous Integration with tools such as Jenkins, deployed on Cloud Amazon EC2 servers, for example

Search Engine Optimisation is at your descretion, Drupal comes fully loaded to meet if not all your requirements, and we are at hand to implement any analytic tools or A/B testing, heat maps that your product requires, to help you further innovate, develop, implement and maintain your products User Experiences, and promotoe solid product market presence.

How do we work? The Discovery Phases

We provide a free quotation, providing there are sufficient details of user and or business requirements functional and non-functional that you can supply to us.

we live and die for greenfield projects and new ideas!!!!

We accept any kind of format, helping to build your requirements, for example snapshot of marker boards,ideas on paper...please send it all helps!

We will provide you next with a cost estimation, "a ball park figure" and time period. If the cost is agreeable, we then go ahead and create a proposal which forms part of a contract.
This document together with a terms and conditions agreement is submitted to you for signature and a non-refundable initial percentage part payment of the project cost is made.

Then its.....

"chocks away!!"


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Bubblecraft | Shop online for hand made cards

Build Type Drupal 5 Ubercart 1, E-Commerce, Payment Gateway, Desktop HD

Anyvisa Ltd | Visa support customer tracker

Build Type Drupal 6 CMS, Directory, Tracking, CRM, Greenfield, Desktop HD

Anyvisa Ltd | Consultancy services and directory

Build Type Drupal 6 CMS, Marketing tool, Tracking, CRM, Search Engine Optimisation, Desktop HD

Exotic Superstore Ltd | Services and Business Information

Build Type Drupal 7 CMS, E-Commerce, Marketing tool, Greenfield, Search Engine Optimisation, Mobile / Responsive, Desktop HD, Tablet, Handhelds / Smartphones

Circleworkart | Artist painting gallery

Build Type Drupal 5 CMS, Flash, Desktop HD

Coolmatters | Business services, information and FAQ forum

Build Type Drupal 5 CMS, Greenfield, Search Engine Optimisation, Desktop HD


about webinmotion
the beginning, there was a tiny light in a distant cloud episode I, pitchlake multimedia

Pitchlake Multimedia began in 2002 with projects ranging from online resumes for job agencies / seekers to designing multimedia showcases such as West Indies Vs Rest of the World cycle race. At this time there was very little to choose from with open source solutions. Proprietory software such as Flash, Director and Microsoft technology was mainly used together with SQL, MSQLSevers, VBScript, ASP.NET, Lingo, ActionScript, HTML and CSS, with a wide range of design and development in Information Architecture (IA) User Experience (UX) and UI, User Interfaces

Content Managed Solutions CMS, were written with languages that made them work, with a great deal of research and development. Programmer, maestro Kwesi Stewart remembers many "late nighters" with Endarr and Co, spent on reverse engineering, innovating, producing, implementing, delivering solutions on time.

5 years on...Huge Dilema. Bespoke CMS. Worked. Code undocumented, (no code best practices) SIMPLE changes "out of budget" - What is the viable solution of future Web Application Products? What next for Pitchlake Multimedia?

episode II, a new hope

opensource content managed solutions, the AMP stack development and production environment, Drupal

episode III, design web solutions DWS every cloud has a silver lining
episode III, webinmotion moving with the times

We have developed very good relationships and partnerships with software professionals specifically here in Hanoi. Other companies that have recently explored the talent is Google CEO from India, Sundar Pichai here in Hanoi. Microsoft have been here producing there phones and tablets since 2014 as well as market rival Samsung who are building there largest research center, investing in the future of Hanoi and Vietnam, as a major producer of modern technologies.


With over eight years in Drupal

"shouts" client testimonials
info, help and news

"layman" News, Help Articles, Blogs and FAQ's

Ezine.webinmotion is here to provide as much information as possible for anything relating to web design and to Drupal, written specifically for the "layman" or "non-technical" reader.


We are providing workshops in Drupal, both for programmers and non-programmers

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discussion groups

public and private discussion groups
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This section of webinmotion is to share its knowledge as much as possible. We hope that information here helps clients as well as designers and developers.

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FREE quotation (no obligation). As long as there is sufficient information on your project we cannot provide a good approx of cost.

There are many ways to reach us, please try the following;


Skype name: webinmotion.co.uk

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